“Take them to the ER!” has become a generic phrase to use whenever someone severely injures themselves—and while sometimes the emergency room is indeed a necessary destination, oftentimes your local AFC urgent care center is actually a better fit for your health needs. So, how do you know when you should go to the emergency room versus when you should go to urgent care? Well, the decision may be even simpler than you think. Read on →

The 9 months of pregnancy are often some of the happiest times of a young family’s life. Not only is there all the hope and potential that comes with the start of life, but there also is an abundance of love, diligence, and care shown to the pregnant mother. So, what can you do to ensure these 9 months are remembered for love and serve as a healthy start to your child’s life? Read on →

No matter who you are, no matter where you live in America, the problem of obesity and childhood obesity are becoming an epidemic before our very eyes. Not only are we seeing the weight increasing in the average American, the associated health risks are growing too. So, why exactly does exercise matter? Why is it that we should care about keeping off the pounds and staying in a good-health mindset? There are quite a few reasons, and certainly more than we will be able to cover here. Read on →

If you’re anything like most Americans, a good night’s sleep is a luxury that is few and far between. Many Americans work so hard at their jobs, stay up so late with their kids, and hang out often enough with their friends, that by the time they finally lay down at night, it simply does not get them the required amount of sleep. So, exactly how much sleep does an adult need anyway? Read on →